Tuesday, January 14, 2014

HELP! The Aliens are taking over my classroom!!


I have recently celebrated my 44th anniversary of teaching children.
I love teaching children.....most of the time.  Some one recently commented that they thought children are more difficult to teach and manage in a classroom  these days.  I commented that I actually find teaching children easier now than before but I have a feeling that it has nothing to do with the children and everything to do with my growth as a teacher.  I have learned this though; if I have not thoroughly prepared my program for my students, they will have a program prepared for me.  I do not enjoy their programs!

Teaching begins before you ever enter the classroom and before even the first early bird student arrives to grace your hallowed walls.  Before teaching anyone else you must first teach yourself.  Allowing time to let the message and theme of what you are trying to get across to your children take root in your heart is important.  There is a measure of authority that will be attached to your words when you allow God to teach you before you teach others.  

Just because we have heard the Bible Story or understood the concept since we were children does not mean we cannot receive a fresh revelation from it once again.  Without a fresh revelation we really have nothing of value to offer.  The minister of our churches spend much time studying and preparing to deliver his message each Sunday Morning because he believes what he is sharing is of eternal value.  Just because our audience is younger and less educated in the details of life and scripture does not mean they deserve our leftovers.  We may use a curriculum that has already been written but that does not mean we do not give time for that curriculum to speak to us.  Open your Bibles and read the passage you will be teaching from.  Pray over this message.  Make sure the theme of the lesson is firmly embedded in your soul.  Do this early in the week, perhaps even making it part of your daily devotions.  Make notes to yourself about what you are hearing God say to you.  Ask God how He would teach this lesson to your children if He were the one standing in your shoes.....because in reality He is.  Letting God give you creative ideas of how to communicate your lesson to your students makes teaching a spiritually fulfilling experience for both you and your audience.

Feeling like your teaching hit the mark and accomplished what you intended requires more than just knowing the right things to say. In fact most of the time what you say is not as important as most of the rest of what you do.

You have heard that first impressions are the most important impressions we make.  Next week I want to talk about how our first impression in our classroom can either be our friend or our worst enemy.

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