Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Setting your classroom stage

We often think that teaching children begins when we sit down and begin our lesson but in fact the learning for a child begins the moment he enters your classroom.  There are many different types of learners and those children who are visual learners must have more than words for learning to be fully achieved.  Four bare walls a table and chairs do not a classroom (of learning) make.  Use your room as a place where you immediately capture the student's attention.  Let the walls do some of the teaching for you with the use of posters, or scenery to give the children a feeling of being transported to the place about which you are talking. When I wanted to teach about the great heroes of the Old Testament I enlisted the help of one of our gifted artists who painted life size images of Superman, Spiderman, Batman and Wonder Woman.  On another wall I had a picture of Jesus as a conquering king.  When the children came into the room they were immediately captured by the imagination of it all.  My goal was to help the children realize that amid all the talk of superheroes, the only real superhero was Jesus Christ.  It was a very effective unit not only because of the content of the lessons themselves but because I was able to capture the children's attention as soon as they entered the room.

When we learn about missionaries we decorate the room to look like the country in which the missionary served .  When discussing character qualities, posters are effective.

Some may argue that doing all that decorating is just too much work but I contend that the soul of a child is worth the extra effort.  There are always people who really enjoy the decorating process and those who can't even seem to think along those lines.  Engage the assistance of your imaginative ones. With the aid of a transparency projector anyone can be an artist!

 I don't like doing more work than is necessary either so when the unit is finished I insist that the materials be removed carefully and stored (tape free) and carefully labelled.  That way the next time you want to use your decorations they are ready for use.

Letting your room assist you with teaching will not only capture the attention and imagination of your students but potential teachers as well.  No one wants to be part of a boring, plain jane program.  If you are wanting to attract more teachers put more into your presentation.  Make your program look like fun and you will not only make others wish they were there helping you but you, will actually look forward to your class with more interest as well.

So when the "aliens" invade your class you will be ready for them!!

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