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What Have You Learned Games

Sometimes it can be challenging to get a group of lively children to sit and really listen to what you are trying to tell them.  I try not to have to be negative in my correction.  I know that children do need to be corrected but I have found that if you do it in a positive manner they respond better and are more open to the learning process.  My goal is to get them to listen to what I am telling them not to make them feel foolish or ashamed.  One successful way that I have discovered to get them to listen better is to tell them that when I am finished with my lesson we will play a game to determine how well they listened.  Of course the games come equipped with prizes.  I have so many game ideas that I cannot share them all in one post.  I will begin with the Game show games.  Here are some of my favorites.


 Here is a sample:

Materials needed:  Giant form of Jeopardy game board  using categories:
Abraham :    Bible Verse:     Eliezer:     Rebekah:       Prayer Request:          

Divide the class into 4 teams   
The children choose a game question and if answered correctly their team gains those points.  If incorrectly they lose those points.

Hide a daily double card behind one of the cards.  The child then may wager up to the full amount of points his team has accumulated.  If answered correctly they will gain those points. If incorrectly answered they will lose those points.

Game questions:
Abraham for 100
Why did Abraham send someone else to get a wife for his son?  A.  He was too old
Abraham for 200
Where did Abraham send his servant Eliezer to get a wife for his son? A.  His home land
Abraham for 300
What was the test that Abraham passed?A.  God asked him to sacrifice his only son to him and he was willing to do that.
 Bible Verse for 100
Finish this thought:  Lord who may dwell in your sacred ­­­­­­­­­­­­­_______?  A.  Tent
Bible Verse for 200
Finish this thought:  Lord, who may dwell in your sacred _________.  Who may live on your holy ______________?  Answer:  Tent;  mountain
Eliezer for 100
What was Eliezer asked by Abraham to do for him?  Answer:  Go to his homeland and get a wife for his son Isaac.
Eliezer for 200
Where was Eliezer when he first saw the wife he wanted for Isaac?  Answer:  A well
Eliezer for 300
What fear did Eliezer have about having to find a wife for his master’s son?  Answer:  What if she would not come back?
Rebekah for 100
What was Rebekah doing when Eleizer first saw her?  Answer:  Getting water from a well
Rebekah for 200
What did Rebekah offer to do for Eliezer when he asked her for a drink of water?  A.  Water his camels also
Rebekah for 300
When Rebekah left her family to begin a new life what promises became hers?  Answer:  All the promises God gave to Abraham.
Prayer Request for 100
Who did Eliezer ask for help when he had to choose a wife for Isaac?  Answer:  God
Prayer Request for 200
Eliezer asked God that he would show him which woman was right for Isaac.  He would ask the woman to give him something.  What was going to ask for?  Answer:  a drink of water.
Prayer Request for 300
What was the woman God had chosen for Isaac supposed to offer to give to Eliezer when he asked for a drink of water?  A.  She would offer to water his camels as well.

Wheel of Fortune
Add your point values to each wedge

Materials Needed:  Spin the wheel game. (you can purchase a cardboard version from Oriental Trading Company or make one of your own)
 12 markers to attach to the game of point values from 100 to 600 with a “lose a turn” section.
A mystery message such as,  “God gives us blessings upon blessings.”
Rules:    Divide the class into teams.  Each team will get a chance to answer a game question.  First they spin the wheel, then for the amount of points on the wheel they will answer a question.  When they answer the question correctly it gives them the ability to purchase vowels. Vowels cost $100.00 .  If answered correctly they get the points and the ability to guess a letter in the mystery message.  Each letter is assigned a point value that is added to their score if guessed correctly.  If their guess is correct they may spin again without answering a game question.  They again get to guess a letter.  They continue until they either cannot answer the question or they guess a letter that is not in the mystery message.  At any point the team may try to guess the mystery message but if they are wrong it will cost them a penalty of half their accumulated points.  If the message is guessed correctly 
they get the remaining points from the letters that have not been guessed.


Materials Needed: Game questions; something to keep score with.


5th Grade:

  1. How do you spell Bethuel? (Rebekah’s grandfather)
  1. How many years did Jacob really work to marry Rachel?  14
Where did Rachel live?  Haran
Draw a picture of Jacob’s face as he talked to Laban the day after his wedding.
4th Grade:
  1. How do you spell the woman Jacob loved?  Rachel
  1. How many daughters did Laban have?  2
Geography and Culture
What was the custom when a woman got married that made Jacob not see his wife on his wedding day?
Draw a picture of jacob’s face when he woke up the day after his wedding.

3rd Grade:
  1. How do you spell the place where Jacob met Rachel?  Well
  1. How many years did Jacob agree to work for Laban to marry Rachel?  7
Geography and Culture
  1.    What custom allowed Rachel to have a baby without getting pregnant?  Answer:  Rachel was allowed to give her maid to her husband and the child she had would be considered her own.
  1. Draw a picture of the animal Rachel took care of

2nd Grade:
  1. How many years was Jacob willing to work in order to pay for Rachel?  Seven
  1. How do you spell the name of Rachel’s dad?  Laban
  2. Geography and Culture
What custom caused Laban to play a trick on Jacob on his wedding night?  He gave him his oldest daughter to be his wife instead of the one Jacob wanted.
  1. Draw a picture of the place where Jacob and Rachel met  (well)

1st Grade: 
  1. Spell the name of the one who always keeps his promises?  God
  1. 1 wife Leah + 1 wife Rachel + 1 wife Bilhah + 1 wife Zilpah = how many wives for Jacob?  Answer  4
  2. Geography and culture
Where did Jacob meet Rachel for the first time?  At a well
  1. Art
Draw a picture of the part of Rachel's face that was mentioned as being the most
Beautiful.  eyes


Rules for the game:
 Select 4 children to make 2 teams.  You will ask the first team a game question.  If they know the answer they get the dollar amount assigned to the question.  If they get the answer wrong they are out of the game and a new team is chosen.  If they are not sure they know the answer they may “dare” the other team to answer the question.  If that team answers correctly they get the dollar amount affixed to the question.  The first team gets no dollar amount but they also are still In the game.  If the second team does not think they know the answer they may “double dare” the other team to answer.  The team must then either answer the question or take the “physical challenge” If they are unwilling to take the physical challenge and unable to answer the question they are out of the game and a new team is chosen to take their place.

1.  Make an obstacle course.  One of the team mates will draw cards to let them know exactly how the obstacle course is to be played out.

  1. Go through the course backwards.
  2.  Go through the course only on hands and knees
  3. Go through the course blindfolded with team mate.

OBSTACLE COURSE:  30 seconds.
Use masking tape to mark out exactly the direction the children are to go.
Example course: 
Begin at the beginning line ( in front of class)
 go through the piano
Over the piano bench
Walk on the balance beam toward the puppet stage.
By the puppet stage  (have someone squirt the with silly string and or drop confetti on them)
Around the entire class
Stand up and bow.

  1. Walk on stilts to finish line
  2. Jump on foam pogo shoe 
  3. Body surf on cardboard surf board to finish line using only hands and feet.
  4. Arm wrestle with leader’s choice opponent. ( must last 30 seconds)
  5.  Catch 10 balls into a gunny sack
  6. Coin toss 1 coin into each container
  7.  Marshmallow gun 30 marshmallows into the puppet stage
  8.  Eat 15 crackers and whistle
  9. Body surf on cardboard surf board to finish line using only hands and feet.

SSelect 4 children to play this game.  Have them come and sit at the table as a panel.  Each child may select a “Lifeline” (someone who they will confer with to answer the question) or they may ask the audience.  In using the life line they must give up half of the money the question is worth.  After the first child has answered their question correctly the turn goes to the second child.  If the answer to the question has been answered incorrectly they must choose someone from the audience to take their place.  At the end of the last category of questions has been answered the person with the most money wins the game.  He may use his “money” to purchase prizes.  
 Truth or Consequences
Materials Needed:  Stop watch,  hats with a paper cup attached to the top, empty bowl, picture of water; 2 piles of clothes(pants, shirt, hat, shoes, socks etc.)  Silly string, blind fold and several chairs, music.

Allow 5-6 children to come to the front of the class.  Each child will be asked one of the game questions and they will have 15 seconds to answer correctly.  If they answer correctly they get a candy and are allowed to sit down.  If they do not answer correctly they must take the consequences.

Round 1:  Musical chairs.  Place a chair for each child minus one in a circle.  Blindfold each child playing the game.  When the music begins the children must circle the chairs and find an empty chair when the music stops.  The challenge is that when the music stops you begin squirting silly string at them.  The winner get’s a candy.

Round 2:  Give each child a hat with a cup attached to the top.  Fill each cup with water.  The children must transport the water across the room to the empty bowl and empty the water in the bowl without spilling.  Give them a candy if they can do it.
 Round 3:  Time each child as they dress themselves with the pile of clothing.  They must put on every piece of clothing.  The child that does so in the shortest time wins

Check back  next week for more game ideas that are so much fun your kids cannot wait to get back to your class.

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